TrudyMy mission in life is to source the best future for my children whether they are Nero typical or Aspie, to break down the barriers that separate out worlds.  After spending my corporate days supporting disability case managers with establishing employment for jobseekers I soon came to realise that others were banging on doors just like me begging for the support and understanding as well as some kind of direction. Our needs just weren't being met, not because the government didn't want too but mainly because like everyone else they didn't know how too.  

It's ok for someone to say oh they will grow out of it or you have to make them do it or ìI understand but they just don't seem to be able to do it, "Do you think this is best place for them? oh and don't forget - Sorry we can't help you".

So I put on my Trainers hat, Therapist's coat, co-ordinated that with my very versatile although stubborn demeanour and thought screw you I'll do it me bleeding self!.

I realised through my own life that I have such a vast experience (that many others have learnt from a book) of growing, learning, living and loving on the spectrum.  

The realisation  that every Aspie is different and that being a wife to an Aspie (then undiagnosed but recently rectified) yes even I wanted him to have his label as I thought well that explains that; so maybe I can show him instead of just wanting to kill him lol.

I guess understanding as well exactly what is normal growth, hormones and those wonderful teenage evolutions, As well as those delightful male traits (in my case having father and step-son at that which brings with it a whole new range of obstacles), of just what was Aspie and what was "Well that worked let's try that again".

So welcome to my very personal journey of love, laughter and many tears but guess what "I wouldn't change 'Em for Quids!"



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